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Patching Plaster Released

We’re happy to announce the release of our new, specially-formulated Plaster Magic®Patching Plaster. Rory, the founder of Plaster Magic®, has been developing it through trial and error for many many years. But finally, a patching plaster that is designed specifically to complement old and historic plaster is available for purchase.

We’ve seen a terrible lack of market for patching holes and large cracks in plaster walls and ceilings.

But no more. 

“Without giving away the secret recipe,” says Rory, “it’s a blend of lime plaster and gypsum.” The lime assures compatibility with old plaster, while the gypsum helps the compound set quickly. Under typical conditions, it will set in less than two hours.

“My Plaster Magic® customers kept asking for a patching plaster. I knew it had to be convenient, simple to use, and work seamlessly with the Plaster Magic® Adhesive system.”

A mixture of lime and gypsum that sets quickly, Plaster Magic® Patching Plaster is blended with a precise amount of materials to keep the mixture “soft” enough to be compatible with old plaster. Because it does not set into a rock hard sheet, like over-the-counter joint compound, it can live in harmony with the old plaster for many, many years.

The Plaster Magic® Patching Plaster is available in two sizes (coverage based on 1/2″ thick application):

  1. Painters Patching Plaster: up to 250 square inches
  2. Contractors Patching Plaster: up to 500 square inches

Watch our very own Rory Brennan demonstrate how to use our patching plaster